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Since I published a review of her book One Person/Multiple Careers: A New Model for Work/Life Success, author/speaker/coach Marci Alboher has managed to add the new slash “blogger” to her list of labels, as she launched the Heymarci Blog! yesterday. She introduces it by writing:

I’m the author of ONE PERSON/MULTIPLE CAREERS: A New Model for Work/Life Success (Warner Books 2007). These days, my career has several strands. I write, mostly about careers, small business, and travel. I teach/coach other writers working on nonfiction projects. I lead workshops/speak about how to succed in nonfiction writing and other career issues. In an earlier life, I practiced law for nearly ten years. I refer to these various identities as “slashes,” and moving among them is what my book is about. This blog contains my musings about how to be happier and more fulfilled as a writer, a speaker, a teacher, or in any other kind of work.

Best of luck to the new /blogger!

3 thoughts on “Author/speaker/coach … /blogger

  1. Pascal, thanks for the warm welcome…pretty much everyone in the blogosphere is a “/” so I’m already feeling quite at home.

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