I think I have done something incredibly stupid.

As for a strange reason I was running out of space on my Mac Powerbook G4, I have been happily deleting files.  Coming accross a file which might have been called .imageparsepascalvenier or something like this, which was 20gb, I deleted it to see what would happen.

Now when I try to log on the computer, it no longer recognize my password, but also when it asks me for my master password I am no longer able to create a new password.

I know that there are some pretty smart propeller beanies, of the Mac persuasion, around reading this blog, can someone please heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelp!


  1. Hartei says

    So you decided to delete the FileVault-image with all your user-data…


    Recover it from your backup and you should be able to work on.

    No backup? – My condolences.

  2. says

    You are using the Mac’s FileVault encryption, right? Because that very much sounds like some sparsefile, which is basically your encrypted stuff packed up all in one file. If that’s gone, your files are gone. And usually you have all your home directory encrypted. If that’s gone, you can’t log in.

    Been there, done that. I was just kind of glad that I still had an approx. one week old backup flying around.

    If you don’t, some data recovery software or blokes may be able to get back that sparseimage. But respecting how much these guys charge, that’s probably a question of how much you value your data and the hassle of getting it back.

  3. says

    Thanks Hartei!

    Pretty dum, hey!

    Thankfully I was using Mozy (http://www.mozy.con) and all the folder containing all the important files had been backup automatically.

    Reinstalling the OS, the itune library and the softwares will take time but I did not lose much of importance.

    I was only using the free version of Mozy but will now sign up for the full version!

  4. says

    time for an external HD, methinks. freecom have just released a nice range of 750GB ones. been using the 400GB version for some time, highly recommended.

  5. Alex says

    Choice between Mozy (or any other online backup service) and an external HD for back-ups requires a little more threat/risk analysis than simply reacting to a security incident. What are the most likely threats, what are the particular vulnerabilities looking at the way you have organised your work? What is the impact of breaching of the Confidentiality/Integrity/Availability of your work? What are the costs of the possible mitigating security measures and what their side effects?
    Only after answering these questions you could make an informed choice.

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