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“You productivity guru […] can do this in all of your spare time”

“You productivity guru […] can do this in all of your spare time”

Since publishing a post yesterday on “being a better gatekeeper of your time”, I have received a slightly strange request for support about the Devonthink software from someone who is obviously a reader of this blog. It includes a paragraph which finishes with the following sentence:

“You productivity guru’s (sic) can do this in all of your spare time. (4 hour workweek my ass.)”.

I would like to stress, for the record, that I do not advocate nor actually practice a 4 hour workweek (mine has perhaps more to do with four hours twice a day, five 1/2 days a week), but was merely drawing attention to a provocative book, which seems highly interesting.

Update (24 April 2007): One of my favorite professional blogger, the excellent Anne Zelenska, who has read the book, has a very lucid analysis in the post she published in the Web Worker Daily yesterday: Rethink Your Relationship to Work: Ideas from The 4-Hour Work Week.

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  1. rob

    Thanks for drawing my attention to the book. Just reading the website has given me some ideas to implement in my life to save a bit of time and be more productive. Will I be working a 4 hour week – not a chance, will I be that little bit more productive and have a little more free time – yes I think I will, and every little helps.

  2. Pascal Venier

    @Rob. Thanks for your comment. My reaction to what Tim Ferris says is pretty similar to yours. Not even a chance of a 4 hour day, but nevertheless ideas which could be adapted in one’s life.

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